AOC are a practice of architects and designers based in London. In 2019 they undertook the redesign of Forest House, a semi-detached Victorian property situated in North-East London. Their practice work with clients, in collaboration with users and other experts, to formulate innovative briefs for contemporary design challenges. They seek to optimise the use of energy and minimise the emission of carbon via an inventive use of resources.

Our Large Mint Enamel Shade are an ideal choice to light larges areas when elevated or can provide light for a more intimate setting when matched with a smaller, lower wattage bulb. It’s just one of several eye-catching features on display in their colourfully reimagined dining room. These “A” grade quality shades are made to an exceptionally high standard. There are a diverse range of fittings, cable, and bulbs available to browse on our website.

When you encounter the kitchen at Forest House, it becomes clear that AOC strive to deliver proposals which incorporate the forms, materials, and myths specific to the location of their redesigns. It is a celebration of raw materials that converge to create a highly unique space. Nonetheless our stylish Pezzetti Espresso Coffee Maker stubbornly persists in capturing your attention. Italian manufacturer Ezio Pezzetto were originally established in the 1940’s and their timeless design has not been altered since.

Our Melamine Butter Dish can be seen sat atop their exquisite marble centre island. A simple product with a bold, colourful, and classic aesthetic, the dish has been made in Portugal since the 1950’s using traditional manufacturing techniques.

It’s no wonder that AOC have chosen our White Ceramic Rearwired Lamps as part of their redesign. These high-quality lamps are perfect for lighting the sort of wonderfully expansive spaces contained within Forest House. Suitable for use in bathrooms, outdoor spaces, walls, and ceilings – they are extremely durable and highly versatile. Pic ‘n’ Mix the glass to your taste from the many options available on our website.

Our Black Porcelain Ceramic E27 screw bulb holders are finished with a deep glossy glaze and come complete with a cable grip in black. AOC have opted to use it in combination with our fully dimmable LED Opal Mega 125mm E27 bulb to contribute to an informal and understated aesthetic, well-suited to the sort of stripped back creative workspace we can see here. In other areas of the house, they can be seen hanging from high ceilings, an equally impressive look which only emphasises their versatility.


The final picture encapsulates everything wonderful about the project. The colourful wildflowers in the foreground evidence the properties close proximity to nature, an underlying theme that heavily influenced the design. The underlying aspirations of the project - to enhance generous spaces, encourage experiential joy and give way to a celebration of colour – are palpable throughout the property.

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