The WunderLocke Hotel in south-west Munich is a unique sanctuary which focuses on providing a peaceful space for its guests to live in rather than simply stay. Themes of renewal and self-care, as well as creativity and inclusivity are encouraged and incorporated into the thoughtful design of the interior. The use of raw materials reflects those which are abundant in public spaces throughout the city of Munich, while a profusion of foliage are the material embodiments of their dedicated to themes such as renewal and tranquillity. The WunderLocke utilised one of our most popular lighting products to sit amongst several others within their beautifully decorated shared spaces.


Available in a variety of different styles, our White Ceramic Rearwired Wall Lamps – made from high quality industrial ceramics - are amongst our most popular products. Their base is finished in a fired glossy white layer and there is no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting how to design and light your own space, as there are many varieties of glass shape available.


These Wall Lamps are wired from the back, culminating in a clean finish as well as an undeniably stylish aesthetic. As you can see, these wall lamps are dotted throughout communal spaces in this magnificent building.

There’s so much to admire about the interior of the WunderLocke. During the day there’s a creative buzz about this incredibly, vibrant bright and layered space. We’d love to see it during the evenings, illuminated by a mixture of our wall lights and the candles on display in the foreground. While they may look delicate, the factory in which these lights are made uses the very same technique to manufacture railway electrical conductors; as a result they are extremely resilient and highly durable.


The sophisticated variation of colour schemes in each section of the hotel are so easy on the eye. The White Ceramic finish on display here provides a seductive source of light for those who find themselves enticed to unwind in the seating area of the hotel lobby.

In this final image, a closer look allows us to observe the intricate finish on the glass. We feel that the contrast of rich vegetation and rugged concrete with the fine detail evident in the design of these wall lights encapsulates the WunderLocke’s identity.

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