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ANOTHER YEAR WISER FACIAL OIL - BATHROOM - DYKE & DEAN  - Homewares | Lighting | Modern Home Furnishings
ANOTHER YEAR WISER FACIAL OIL - BATHROOM - DYKE & DEAN  - Homewares | Lighting | Modern Home Furnishings


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For mature and dry facial types. A rich and dreamy conditioning serum packed with softening squalane, oat and wheatgerm ceramides, and supple vitamin E.

Contains softening squalane and wheatgerm anti-inflammatories to calm and provide lasting nourishment and repair for dry, mature or sun-damaged skin.

A balanced oleic and linoleic acid profile supports your outer layer barrier functions, and helps maintain elasticity and strong cell structure.

Facial oils naturally curb greasiness and help skin maintain a healthy pH balance.

All natural, no synthetics!

Uses raw, cold-pressed oils for maximum nutrients.

Size: 30ml , 1 oz

Scent notes: A tall iced tea cuts the heat of the late afternoon, a light sea breeze fills the terrace with geranium and cypress.

How to: Best applied on a damp clean face, so the oils can trap the moisture into your skin. Just warm a few drops up between your fingers, then pat into skin.

Oils may be used alone, or on top of your normal moisturiser for an extra vitamin and moisture boos

Note from the founder: "I wanted to make this oil as an antidote to the anti ageing BS rhetoric in beauty. I only wish our skin to be as healthy as it can be, and different ingredients work better at different stages in our life.

Personally I noticed my already dry skin get a lot drier as I entered my thirties, and growing up in Australia didn't help with sun damage! Even if you're not always in the sun, by the time we get into our thirties there is all kind of environmental damage on our cells that can benefit from a rich reparative oil.

The name is a play on 'Another year older, another year wiser', which for me couldn't feel truer. I'm enjoying getting old and fancy and my skin is along for the ride, honey!"