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DREAM DREAM DREAM NIGHT FACIAL OIL - BATHROOM - DYKE & DEAN  - Homewares | Lighting | Modern Home Furnishings
DREAM DREAM DREAM NIGHT FACIAL OIL - BATHROOM - DYKE & DEAN  - Homewares | Lighting | Modern Home Furnishings


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Night oil for all skin types. A lush warming and nourishing facial oil to soothe the senses and soak your skin overnight. 

The velvety-smooth oils in this blend contain a range of essential fatty acids and vitamins to regenerate skin cells, heal the day’s damage and re-plump your skin as you dream.

Phytosterols and vitamin C promote skin elasticity and collagen regeneration, whilst oleic acid carries the blends’ nutrients deep into the inner layers of skin.

Will not clog your pores or promote acne.

Facial oils naturally curb greasiness and help all skin types maintain a healthy pH balance. That being said, if you're new to using oils in your routine, a night oil is the perfect way to get all the benefits of a facial oil without worry of being greasy during the day.

All natural, no synthetics.

Uses raw, cold-pressed oils for maximum nutrients.

Size: 30ml , 1 oz glass bottle in a card box

You would be hard pressed to find a similar quality night oil for the price. Many night oils contain silicones or filler ingredients and a small amount of Rose Hip only for label appeal… Not Dream Dream Dream!

We only use cold-pressed oils in this blend, and so the colour of Dream Dream varies throughout the seasons between slightly red tinged to green tinged depending on the plants used.

We recommend using Dream Dream at the end of your night routine, over the top of your moisturiser.

It's fine to use with Retinols and other overnight treatments.

Will not react with a Vitamin C treatment.

Can also be used in the day, although oily skin types might find it a little rich as it's been designed to sink slowly into your face overnight.

  • Morning oil has lots of long-chain fatty acids, and so it likes to try to solidify in cooler temperatures. If you've received a Dream Dream with little floaties in it, it means your oil has been somewhere freezing recently! Pop it in a mug of warm water (the labels are water-proof) for 15 mins and it will stay smooth unless frozen again. 

Note from the founder:  With the scent for this one, I really wanted a rich, sleepy scent without being heavy on the lavender. Lavender is lovely but it gets a bit basic  when every sleep product smells of it! Lavender is included, but way down in the mix. It's more a deep floral spice, such an addictive smell that will become linked to your ritual of getting ready for bed, further enticing your brain to turn off.


The oils I used are all oils that take longer to sink into the skin, the effect being that Dream Dream Dream locks in your whole nightime skincare routine and keeps your face hydrated all night whilst the benefits from the oils slowly seep into your pores.