Mo Momo sprang up in Fitzrovia after co-founders Sanjeev and Arthur made it their mission to introduce an undeniably mouth-watering Himalayan staple to Britain’s capital. Bursting with the flavours of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India, these delicious, steamed dumplings are made with fresh, organic, and high-quality ingredients. It is no surprise then that when Momomo sought to design the interior of their new restaurant they sought to create a colourful space that customers could truly admire while savouring these must-try Himalayan delicacies.


Our Bolt Opaline Light with a retractable cord are manufactured in Europe with a beautiful design dating back to the 1970’s. Their stylish shape provides a uniquely eye-catching feature for any space in broad daylight. When paired with our LED bulbs – as seen above - they emit a warm diffused light, the perfect accompaniment for customers on a cold winter evening. These white and glossy lights are made from a single piece casting which provides a seamless finish, while the retractable cord enables you to adjust the lamp level. As seen on our website, our PVC spring cables are available in a range of colours and pendant styles.

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